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cgroups etc.
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 14:32
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  1. 151123.03:08+0400  AppAraat : so this is the way it is right now - - what should I change about it to _not_ make Chromium eat all the RAM or Amarok take all the processing power?
  3. 151123.03:09+0400  Artemis3 : it still won't address the single thread eats all memory and makes the system unusuable for interaction for a few minutes until the kernels finally kills it
  5. 151123.03:09+0400    Kevin` : AppAraat: for amarok, just use nice levels. you can use ulimit to set a ram limit for an application, but be aware that it will normally crash if it exceeds that limit
  7. 151123.03:10+0400 hexnewbie : AppAraat: I haven't found an actually good way of limiting memory. Trying to limit resident memory causes the app to swap. Trying to limit virtual memory kills it at odd times, and is largely unhelpful because it kills on mmap, etc.
  9. 151123.03:11+0400 annihilan+: hexnewbie: but at least neither way does it kill your system  
  11. 151123.03:11+0400* AppAraat : hexnewbie: ah, so it's cgroups I have to read into? I'm using firejail currently but it has so many sandboxing options...
  13. 151123.03:12+0400*hexnewbie : AppAraat: Essentially, you need to configure a cgroup with a memory limit and add the process into it. It sounds easy, but I have a series of scripts adopted from a ex-coworker to do that...
  15. 151123.03:13+0400    Kevin` : chrome likes to assume it's the only important application running on a system
  17. 151123.03:16+0400  AppAraat : hexnewbie: isn't this where LXC / LXD makes stuff easier?
  19. 151123.03:17+0400 hexnewbie : AppAraat: Intended for a much more complicated tasks.

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